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The marriage will happen when you will get Dasha of the Planet rules the seventh house (7th house lord). Also if there is the period of Jupiter running in the case of females and Venus period running in case of males then there are high chances that the marriage will occur.
It will be definite that you will have an arranged marriage if Jupiter is strong in your chart. And the love marriage can surely happen if there is a strong fifth house which stands for the love affairs or some connection is formed between the fifth and the seventh house.
The type of partner that you are going to have can be judged from the sign which is there in the seventh house. One can know about the characteristics of the spouse by examining the lord of the seventh house.
If the lord of the seventh house is placed beneficially or aspected by the positive planets then definitely you will get a smooth happy married life. Problems can occur in marriage if the malefic planets like Rahu-Ketu are placed in the marriage house.
Relationships with in-laws can be judged through the eighth house of the person’s chart. If it is not aspected by any negative planet then you will have good relations with in-laws otherwise not.
Yes, if in your chart the seventh lord is in dual sign in D1 as well as D9 chart then definitely you’ll have the remarriage. And also if your ninth house is strong then there are high chances of a second marriage.
There is a divorce when there is a malefic present in the seventh house. Also when the lord of seventh goes to the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses. Such a planetary sequence leads to disrupted marriages.
You will get success in your career if the ruling lord of the tenth house is strong and powerful. Hindrances in career occur when the tenth lord goes to some dusthana house. If there is a powerful ninth house then much relief will be there for the individual.
Both business, as well as the job, have the potential to provide name, fame, and fortune to you. The planets must be strong enough. The seventh house also denotes business partnerships too. So if there are positive benefic planets then you can also achieve the zenith of success.
To get relief from the struggles in a career it is necessary to make your Sun strong. This remedy can provide great relief. As the people who have exalted the sun have high chances of becoming successful in life. So it is mandatory to make the sun strong.
You will definitely get the promotion when you are running through good Dasha of the tenth house lord. If you have outstanding Sun or Jupiter in your chart then your increments will occur at a rapid rate.
For that native’s 5th House should be powerful. You need to check both parent’s Dasha’s for welcoming a child. You also need to check if both are running with the 5th House.
When the native along with his spouse gets the Dasha of 5th house. There would be some malefic influence on the lord of the 5th house. Or Venus in Male chart must be deeply combust or highly malefic with a cruel planet. This also happens when Jupiter in the woman's chart goes weak.
If you are running with the Dasha of the 5th lord or any benefic planet, then yes it is recommended to plan a baby.
To welcome a kid, you need to worship Lord Ganesh every Wednesday. Offer him his favorite sweet and indulge in charity to the orphanage.
If you want to score good or the highest marks in the upcoming exam then you must first respect your elders and teachers and obey them. It is essential to make the planet Jupiter strong to excel in studies. As Jupiter denotes teachers, education, and knowledge. If you have exalted Mercury then also you will achieve heights in education. You will be intelligent and sharp-witted too.
Yes, definitely you can crack the exam. If you remain focused and consistently do the hard work then there are high chances that you will attain success in the papers. Success in competitive exams is seen from the strong placement of Sun and Jupiter.
Jupiter is the planet that represents an expansion in our life. It signifies higher education and long-distance travel. You will definitely be successful in your endeavor of going abroad if there is a positive Jupiter in your chart. Its placement and aspect will decide the level of growth and expansion you will have in your life.
Any field has the potential to drive and give a boost to a person’s career. But through astrology, we can seek out the top planets or the strong ruling planets which can actually denote the right career choice for the person.
To become focused in studies it’s essential to make the moon strong. As if the moon is weak in the chart then the person becomes deviated easily. Worshipping Lord Ganesha the lord of wit and intelligence can prove helpful in academic success.
The first house denotes the physical body and the health of a person. Diseases are seen from the sixth house. So if there are bad planets placed in the house of diseases then you may incur severe diseases. To improve health you must remedy the planet which is causing trouble for you. Doing donations associated with that planet can prove helpful to you.
The Astro Remedy that one must follow regularly is to offer Water to the Sun in the morning. This is the most crucial activity to do as the sun gives the energy to each one of us and the world. So pleasing Sun can have very positive influences in our life.
If Mars is placed with Sun or in the 6th house, then surgery will happen in your life. It may be related to the Accident or mishappening with fire or electricity.
Take a bowl of Mustard Oil, do a regular massage on both your parent’s feet in the night. This will help them to stay healthy and fit.
Yes, only if Venus or Jupiter in Subcharts is getting power. When Venus is deeply combust or have no power or the same with Jupiter. The problem of Diabetes happens. For that, you can have Tumeric Milk also you can offer Roti with turmeric to the Cow.
Saturn is the hard taskmaster and evil planet which creates trouble in the finances of the person. If you are having malefic Saturn then there are high chances that your wealth accumulation process will get delayed. When Saturn removes its evil eye from you then only you can get away from the financial troubles. You can get relief if you please Saturn. For this, you can do fast on Saturdays and donate black clothes to poor people.
Debts problem is also the result of poor Jupiter or Saturn placement in the chart of the person. All if there are planets in the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses of the chart then also karmic or previous birth debts are indicated. This crisis will get over if you can please Goddess Lakshmi who is the main significator of wealth and money. For this, you can do fast on Fridays to attain Maa Lakshmi’s true blessings.
Yes, for being wealthy, all the Kendras or the central houses in your horoscope should be benefic or not afflicted by any malefic planet. Or your 11th lord should have maximum power in the horoscope than 12th lord.
It completely depends on the strength of your planets. If Jupiter is in happy situation then you would invest in Gold. If Mars is good, then invest in properties, and likewise. For more details, you can consult our team of great Astrologers.
The answer to this question would only depend on your horoscope’s Dasha if it is very beneficial Dasha, then you are free to invest in any material.
Loving someone is not difficult at all. But the culmination of that particular love affair into marriage depends on how strong the seventh lord or Venus planet is in your chart. In the Dasha of the fifth house which indicates love affairs or the seventh lord marriage can take place.
Relationships don’t end just like that. You must make certain efforts to have a healthy conversation with your partner. If there are malefic planets in your chart then relations end soon otherwise not.
Venus is the planet that signifies Love. The fifth house also represents the love life or number of affairs a person can have. There are high chances to fall in love if Venus is strongly placed. A strong association of the fifth lord with the seventh house also leads a person to fall into a serious love affair. The Dasha period of the fifth lord, seventh lord, and Venus can generate chances of falling in love for the person.
You must wait for someone until your heart asks you to do so. But being practical we suggest not to wait much for something. As the more, we chase something it simply moves away from us more and more. So it will be a wise decision to let things happen at their own pace. All we can do is to wait for destiny’s move to take its course in the right way. We must perform our karma in the right way as it’s the main key to our destiny.
The relationship will surely last if both the partners make equal efforts to make it work otherwise not. It’s all vice versa and the concept is straight away simple. Both must feel that urge and temptation to be bonded forever. Then only love lasts within any relationship.
Matching is a relative term and is important. The Kundli matching can have multiple bases like emotion, intelligence, money, education, earnings, comfort, spiritual, sexual, the longevity of the relationship, and so on. Any chart will have some Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat factors in certain areas of life. So matching can be through complementary, similar, or contrasting features.
In today’s time the job, education, and family background are important aspects for matching, hence the charts should be assessed holistically, then only it can be used beneficially by understanding the kind of journey both will travel individually
Manglik Dosha is present in the person’s horoscope or chart when Mars planet is present in certain houses like the first, fourth, seventh, Eighth, and the twelfth houses of the native’s birth chart. If we assume the Mangal as a pressure-filled LPG cylinder. Now, it depends on its use, whether it can be a boon or bane. If you mishandle, it will blast and then it may be called Mangal dosha but if it is used with regulator control, it can serve your purpose of car or kitchen fuel.
Astrology has the potential to predict some big life events of a person such as the birth, marriage year, diseases, career, etc. Marriage dates can definitely be predicted through astrology and with the horoscope matching process. As the charts of the person being studied and carefully examined. And on that basis, the marriage time is revealed.
Divorce cannot be predicted with 100% certainty because your effort and actions can make some difference in the outcome. Astrology can only tell about some particular periods of life that can be stressful or tough for a person. Strong indications of losing a partner in the Kundli chart can reveal too much extent regarding break in relation or loss in a relationship.
The type of science which can predict our fate, as well as the human characteristics, is called palmistry. Other such predictive sciences include the astrology, numerology, and the physiognomy. Palm reading foretells fate by examining the shape, size, skin, nails, thumb, finger, and palm color.
Yes, it’s a science. So precisely it predicts some diseases. Palmistry can reveal whether a person is a gentleman or a goon. Shape, thumb, and size can be the best tools for predicting human nature with much accuracy. The palm reading process includes reading the lines present on the hand. It can foretell any major event of our life.
Both are accurate. However, it depends upon the hands of the expert. The difference between astrology and palmistry is the difference between Allopathy and Ayurveda.
Yes, your fate can be studied easily. The palm reading does predict human fate like health, wealth, material success, love and marriage, divorce, overseas travel, madness, and suicidal tendency, etc. easily.
There are plenty of modern astrology books available in the market. Of them, the popular one is “Cheiro’s Language of the hand” and Cheiro’s Guide to the Hand. Cheiro is the world-famous modern palmist who learned palmistry from India.
Tarot is such a divination system in which a set of cards are used to gain insight and there is great control over the issues which involve the relationships, opportunities, and life changes. The Tarot deck is over 500 years old. With archetypal roots that go back almost 2,000 years, Tarot has become a repository of ancient wisdom. Interestingly, our modern playing cards are a subset of the Tarot.
Tarot mainly gives a deep sense of the probabilities inherent in a situation. It totally depends upon how nicely you can adapt to the ever-changing conditions that your Tarot reading reflects. A Tarot reading gives a snapshot of what is going on in the Present, the time you are picking the cards.
A tarot deck consists of 78 cards that you layout in any one of several spreads. Each card is symbolic of an energy or spiritual truth. The main relevance completely depends on the spread’s position. There can be multiple types of outcomes generated through the tarot cards.
Some people may find Tarot cards thrilling. Some find the process intimidating or frightening. People may be scared they'll hear something terrible, or that they won't be able to change what they hear. But that's not true. If you fear Tarot, it's time to move past it and learn why the Tarot is nothing to fea
Thanks to modern production and distribution technologies, there are hundreds of Tarot decks available to anyone today for a modest price. will soon offer over 50 choices of decks, which you will be able to flip between at will. Most people will come to choose a favorite deck. All the decks on are good, with a reasonable connection to classical tarot tradition, so you really can't go wrong.

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Horoscope Reading

Horoscope Reading will get the person a brief story explaining how his life is gonna start and go about in the future, how the person will manage and cope up with life and its ups and downs, also the negatives and positives all is mentioned in the horoscope reading consultation.

Horoscope Reading Consultation Include:

1. Marriage

2. Career

3. Property

4. Education

5 .Children

6. Health

7. Money & Investments

8. Court Cases

9. Love & Relationship

10. Horoscope Matching

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Horoscope Reading


Tarot Card Reading

This is a very crucial question to ask. After all, it is very important to know why someone should think about tarot card reading. Tarot card readings will not only tell a person about his present and past but it will also get to know what all is going to see in the coming future.

Tarot card reading is something that has been into practice for a very long period and with the spike in telecommunication and networking, it is on the rise. Tarot card reading can tell the possible outcomes of the actions of the native and also the kind of bad or good entities that the native has been in contact with.

Tarot Card Readings Will Include Questions related to:

1. Career Stability

2. Marital Life

3. Property

4. Education

5 .Children

6. Health

7. Finances

8. Do’s and Don’ts, etc

Choose your Favourite Tarot Card Reader and enjoy your Tarot Card Consultations.


Muhurat Consultation

The astrologer can help the person by means of Muhurat Astrology by giving him the possibility of doing work at a particular instant of date and time. If the instance of date and time is corresponding to a bad Muhurat, then the astrologer will not agree with the Muhurat and will tell the person to postpone the work or to not do the work at the planned date and time.

The astrologer will then do the Muhurat Astrology according to the planetary positions of the day and the arrangement of the planets that will make the most auspicious muhurat for the type of work which is to be done by the person.

The muhurat is provided for the following events;

1. The beginning of Foundation

2. The ceremony of house warming

3. Naming ceremony

4. The first hair removal occasion.

5. Annaprachan - The first intake of food by a child

6. Janaiu (Sacred thread) event

7. Selection of Marriage Date

8. Purchasing a new house.

9. Before starting a new business or profession.

Choose your Favorite Pandit and enjoy your Muhurat Consultation.


Numerology Consultation

Numbers in all forms are associated with us, in one way or another. There is a number in our birth date, there is one hidden in our name and in the name/s of our business/ profession.
The date of a month when an event occurs can be reduced to a particular number, and similarly a year also has a number too. Numerology is a kind of divination, a predictive science that relies on the numbers. Few more things could predicted and foreseen about people, their personalities and future, events and their possible occurrences by studying numerology.
I would say that numerology is an astrology with help of numbers. In simple terms, numerology is a study of numbers. All imp events of life happened on a date (numbers). Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. It is often associated with the alongside astrology.

There are various types of numbers, calculations and techniques, which are employed by Numerology to arrive at these explanations. Prominent number types in Numerology include Life Path Number, Birth Date Number and more. There is even a theory that delineates how a person behaves, based on which numbers are present and absent from his date of birth.

Where we can use numerology:

1. To find out soul mate - Numerology would help to find out suitable life partner by matching both Birth dates.

2. To find out Lucky numbers for firm name ,brand name, house No. , vehicle No. , mobile No. etc.

3. To correct -name spelling according to DOB.

Choose your Favourite Numerologist and enjoy your Numerology Consultation.

black magic

Black Magic Removal

Astrology can heavily help a person to know if there are any situations or possibilities in his chart that can get him under the influence of a black magic tantra. And if the person is under the influence of a black magic tantra, then how can the person get himself rid of the black magic tantra, this is something which can be told by the astrologer to the person, and many other solutions and advice can be given to the person.

Black Magic Tantra Consultations Include:

1. Guiding you to prevent any black magic on you

2. Remedies to stay safe from any spells

3. Check if there is an enchantment on you

4. See if you are vulnerable to any black magic tantra

5. Mantra to chant if you are spellbound

6. Resolving problems of negative energy in the house

7. Solutions to problems of “Upari Hawa”

Troubleshooting any negativity around you

Choose your Favorite Black Magic Removal Astrologer and forget all the problems and worries. Our expert will guide you well to bring you back to your happy life.



Palmistry is the science that can be of great help to the person, who does not know own Date of birth and time The person can go to a Palmist and can get his palm read by the palmist. The palmist will then clarify the readings of the person's palm to the person and also give him a brief overview of the reading of the palm along with the conclusions.

If a person faces challenges or problems in life, the person should seek a palmist to get the correct answers to his life problems. Even if the person is not facing any life problems, then too, if he wishes to know more about his future and the big news and challenges he will face, the person can go to a Palmist and get his palm read. Palmistry is a very deep science of making correct predictions by analyzing the lines on a client's palm.

Palmistry Consultations Include:

1. Finances

2. Marital life

3. Children

4. Health

5. Do’s and Don’ts, and other concerns.

Palmistry Consultations will also emphasize the personal traits of a native-like what are the things that you need to change, how to carry relationships, what career option you should go for, etc.



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