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free astrology

Free Astrology

Free astrology consultancy can help you in your life to be a better person both emotionally and professionally. The free astrology consultancy advice online will not just tell you more about the possibilities of events that can happen in the future but will also provide you the solutions and ways by which you can flip the possible events of the future according to your own wish and will.

Astro Ganesha started first free consultancy for have faith and belief in ancient vedic astrology only provide correct birth details and see the magic of vedic astrology, we have best astrologer from india.

Subhash chomal

Acharya Subhash Chomal


Shubhash Chomal is a bright student of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS). He is a seeker, learner, educator. He is always into Astrological researches and is curious to find out the untrodden in Astrology. His main goal is to help mankind and humanity by serving them in this magnificent and supernatural field of cosmic and planetary energies. He dives deep into Astrology as it is his passion to follow and study the charts and planets which are the driving factors of up and down in a person’s life. Although a student still, he is out there helping people, growing his experience and knowledge as an Astrologer.

Area of Expertise: Marriage, Money and investment, Career

Languages known: Hindi, English

Appointment Timing: 11:00 to 13:00

Astrology Fees -Rs 1

rishi natani

Acharya Rishi Natani


An inspiration to the youth who weep for little things in the precious life. With passionate respect for Astrology and cosmic sciences, he has grown to serve the society with his whole-hearted deep research in Astrology. He is therefore regarded as being the Best Astrologers in India. According to him, astrology can help a person choose whatever he/she desires. It is dynamic guidance to lead to the right and fortunate way. Astrologer Rishi Natani has been serving his clients since a very young age and gives them every bit of his excellent research and practical remedies. He is very calm and composed astrologer to give correct predictions on diverse fields of life. Be it a marital issue, career instability, or children’s education, he has a solution to everything. And he helps people through online astrology.

Area of Expertise: Horoscope reading

Langauges Known : Hindi

Appointment Timing : 10:00 to 20:00

Astrology Fees -Rs 1