Jul 23 - Aug 22

The Leo monthly horoscope states that this month may not be good for the married ones. It will be better if the partners give each other good space. Harmony is increased among the family. Finances must be kept under control. And one must avoid unwanted expenses. Incidental expenses must be handled carefully. Business people will make good progress this month. To spark romance in marriage couples will make some extra efforts. The love flame will get ignited between the lovers. Couples may enjoy romantic dates. It will be good to plan finances. Leo people must try to be more focused. Businessmen will adopt new strategies this month. Married couples may experience some fights. It is advisable that you must remain cool and deal with things patiently. In this month there are strong chances that you will feel misunderstood by your close ones. You must be careful to deal with harsh arguments and must tactfully handle the matter. You may receive unexpected benefits this month from some unexpected sources. Your financial capacity may get strengthened.

Lucky Number:5
Lucky Color: Golden
Lucky Day: Sunday
Leo Stone: Ruby Stone

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