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Learned Astrologers of AstroGanesha use their vivid imagination to examine the Ishta Devata. With the power of their knowledge, they can tell that worshipping  Devta can prove helpful to any person. Most of us don’t know who to pray and often get confused about the proper Ishta devata? The AstroGanesha team is here to guide you regarding the Ishta Devata to worship and we will also tell the Ishta Devata Meaning to you.

Importance of Ishta Devata of Each Lagna

Worshipping the Ishta Devta is very crucial, and the worshipping process is also essential. The worshipping process is very simple and involves the chanting of the Mantras to please the Devata. The Dvadakshari Mantra is for the Lord Vishnu, who is considered as the Ishta Devata. This is mentioned in the Parashara Sage of the Vishnu Purana. It is crucial to know the Ishta Devata of each respective  Lagna. Ishta Devata Meaning is simple- A god whom we adore from the bottom of our hearts.

We must chant the Ishta Devata Mantra to attain more blessings in life. We can consult the best astrologer and can know the details of our Ishta Devata through the Ishta Devata Calculator. The Ishta Devata mantra is mentioned below:-


Mantra:         Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah

In Hindi:       ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नमः 


Ishta Devata can be defined as the personal deity who mainly guides a person’s soul to the ultimate Moksha. A person’s key role in the world can be revealed through the Atma Karaka. The planet Atma karaka has the highest longitude in the person’s horoscope. To figure out one’s Ishta Devata, we can simply look at the Atma Karaka planet present in the Navamsa. It also indicates God’s blessings for the native.

It also portrays the methods or ways a native can communicate with God. Navamsa can also be denoted as the dharma-AMSA. Since the 9th division (9th house mainly signifies dharma). Hence Ishta Devata is very important in this Varga. The Ishta devata calculator helps us in deeply studying and knowing regarding the Ishta deva.


Why do we Worship Ishta Devata?

The four important goals of human existence – Dharma (religion), Artha (economy), Kama (desires), and Moksha (liberation) are fundamental. Every Hindu person is bound to worship his/her Ishta Devata. It generally means- ‘The main deity.’ It implies the superpower who can lead a person to attain moksha (Salvation). The main benefit of propitiating our Ishta Devata is that he will protect all its devotees during any obstacle or trouble.

There can be unwanted happenings in life through which one has to go through. In these troubled times, the only power which helps is that of a person’s Ishta Deva. Also, one gets liberation from the circle of life and death. Today people need to find out their Ishta Devata Meaning and they can also go for the Ishta Devata Calculator.

How to Find Your Ishta Devata?

Method of knowing one’s Ishta Devta

Step 1: The first step of understanding the Ishta Devta is to look in the birth chart (D-1) and then look out to see the Atmakaraka (AK) of the person. Atmakaraka is denoted as the planet which attains the maximum degrees in the chart of the person.


Step 2: One needs to examine the Rashi(sign), which is being occupied by the Atmakaraka planet in the Navamsa (D-9). The sign present in the navamsa that is mainly occupied by the Atmakaraka planet is denoted as the Karakamsha.


Step 3: It is to be noted that what planets are occupied in the 12th house or the sign from the Karakamsha.The planets ascertain the Ishta Devta. If the 12th house or the sign from the Karakamsha is just empty, then we can see the lord who rules it to know its respective Ishta Devta.



Presiding deities of every planet that denotes the Ishta Devata are mentioned below:-

Sun— Shiva

Moon— Krishna

Mars— Hanuman

Mer—  Vishnu

Jup—  Brahma

Ven—  Maha Lakshmi

Sat—  Shani Dev

Rahu—Maa Durga

Ketu— Ganesha

Ascendent— Kalki


Among all the powerful deities in our Hindu mythology, the Lord Vishnu is there who is much capable of bestowing the moksha to its loyal devotees. He is the one who carries the exceptional Sudarshana chakra, which has a specific use. People can know their Ishta Devata Meaning by having an eagerness to know about them. Astrologers can guide them through the Ishta devata calculator.


Bhog and mantra for Various Hindu Deities (Ishta Devata)

When we offer a material object like the sweets to some deity then it is called ‘Bhog’. Bhog is offered to impress the Kul Devta or Ishta Devata. This is the aid of worship. God only wants true devotion from its devotees. Bhog is just a token of a person’s faith to any God or Goddess. Different bhogs are offered to versatile deities but for that one must know the Ishta Devata Meaning and what the god desires in the offering. We offer different types of Bhog to different deities. Some of them are listed below:-


Vishnu – Gudd aur Chane Ki Daal, Kheer

Krishna – Makhan and Mishri

Hanuman – Halwa, Red-colored fruits, Desi Ghee Laddu

Maha Lakshmi – White and yellow colored Sweets

Shani Dev – Meethi Pudi aur Kaali urad ki daal

Maa Durga – Kheer, Malpua, Meetha Halwa, Kele, Naariyal, Dhaan

Ganesha –Modak, Besan aur Bundi Ke  Laddu

Shiva- Bhaang aur Panchaamrat( Dudh,Dahi,Shahad,Gangajal,Ghee) Kalki – Halwa,Puri and Madira

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Surya or Sun


Lord Shivaऊं घृ‍णिं सूर्य्य: आदित्य:
Chandra or MoonGoddess Gouri (Parvati)ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं स: चन्द्रमसे नम:।।
Mangal or MarsLord Skandaऊँ अं अंगारकाय नम:
Buddha or MercuryLord Vishnuऊँ ऎं स्त्रीं श्रीं बुधाय नम:
Guru or Bṛhaspati or JupiterSamba Shivaऊं ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:
Shukra or VenusGoddess Lakshmiॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः
Shani or SaturnLord Vishnuॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनैश्चराय नम:
Rahu or North Lunar NodeGoddess Durga or Tamasiॐ रां राहवे नम:
Ketu or South Lunar NodeLord Ganeshaॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं स: केतवे नम:


How AstroGanesha Can Help to Find Your Ishta Devata?

Astro Ganesha

AstroGanesha is a collective team of renowned expert astrologers. We here provide the best Astro consultation service to the clients with the necessary advice as per their planetary perspective. In this way, our clients get the best suggestions to improve their life. People who are facing troubles in various life aspects can benefit a lot. The Ishta Devata of each Lagna varies. The Ishta devata mantra is also used differently according to different Lagnas.


We see that it’s important to please and adore one’s Ishta Devata. Whenever some life-threatening situation occurs with a person, then it’s the Ishta deva’s power that saves that person. During times of trouble, our faith in God helps us. We at Astro Ganesha, with our team of astrology experts, can help you to overcome problems in life by suggesting the pooja of right Ishta devata for you. We can also calculate your Ishta devata with our analysis on Ishta Devata Calculator.


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