Pt.Deepak k gautam

deepak gautam

Pt.Deepak k gautam


Deepak Kumar Gautam is a very experienced astrologer based in the city of Jaipur. He was meritorious in the Maharishi Parashara Astrology School, New Delhi. He has professional work experiences in the field of making Birth Charts, Profession, Education, Vastu, and Karma studies. He promulgates his knowledge by the means of a YouTube channel “Jyotish Vigyan”. He enjoys research on yoga, literature, constellations, and is an active participant in the field of music and deep analysis. He has the main motto to satisfy the folks, belief in such a magical science, and do wonders.

Area of expertise: Marriage,Love & Relationship, Horoscope Matching , Muhurat Consultancy

Langauges Known : Hindi

Appointment Timing : 17:00 to 20:00

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