Taro Ruchika Beri

Ruchika Beri

Taro Ruchika Beri

Tarot Card Reader

Bringing mysticism and charm to the table, Ruchika Beri - Tarot Card Reader & Mystic Healer, made it her life’s mission to tap into the powers of Tarot Cards 10+ years ago. She believes that Tarot readings guide individuals to the right path and offer a fresh perspective to life. Many consider psychic phenomenon among other theories to be the real secret behind these readings. Ruchika, on the other hand, believes in the true nature of a common dominion. The reader in her has imbibed knowledge from the surroundings and nurtured information about the cards while relying on her intuition to guide over 1500 clients in her lifetime.

Area of expertise: Tarot Card Reading,

Languages Known : Hindi ,English

Appointment Time : 17:00 to 20:00

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