Why Do We Wear Astrological Gemstones?


What are Gemstones? 

Gemstones are the stones that are in the form of mineral crystal that can be cut and polished to give its different shape and size. Gemstone in astrology is usually used for astrological purposes by an astrologer to provide the benefit to the person against any of the planet which is weak. Popular Gemstone usually has a prismatic charm, which creates the negative effects of demolition. Every planet has its own gemstone to work with but the astrological gemstones should be worn under the guidance of the astrological effect otherwise sometimes it can radiate negative radians which can create the problem for life

Gemstones are original and artificial as well as real gemstones are expensive and provided naturally by the earth, water, and animals. In the previous era, the astrological gemstones were worn in the form of ornaments by the royal people of the country as well it can be used as the monetary terms. Gemstones show the royalty and charming personality of anyone who owes. And astrology today demands the use of gems to a great extent.

Gemstone in astrology have different powers to provide as: 
  • Healing
  • Positivity in the particular environment 
  • Creating connections 
  • Charminess

There are different gemstone names and gemstone types. Gemstone astrology is a very important aspect as the gemstone in astrology is worn according to the given astrology by date of birth which is known as birthstones.

Uses of Gemstones in Astrology 

Every planet and sign have their own individual gemstone in astrology which have their benefits, importance, and impacts on the person whoever uses the gemstones. So, there are different gemstones names with their usage:

Gemstone Ruby

Ruby Stone PNG Transparent Images 12 - 302 X 301 - WebComicms.Net

Ruby is a Gemstone for Leo. Gemstone Ruby strengthens confidence, concentration, mental power, and heart. This gemstone in astrology helps in creating self-image and helps to overcome the timidity and foolishness. Ruby Gemstone is generally preferred for people who have weak Sun in their birth charts. A stone of Sun is the best way to improve the purest energy of the Sun through this energetic gemstone. For under confident-nervous people, Ruby is the stone to bring them in the limelight and help them to flaunt in up-neck confidence



Gemstone Pearl

Pearl PNG Image | Pearls, Baroque pearls, Baroque

Pearl is used for mental peace and tranquillity. It is used internally to treat many ailments. And can show the strengthening effects also. Pearl is a precious stone for people who remain frustrated all the time, seeking for chill and peace. Pearl white is especially for people who are always in tension and have a habit of overthinking. Also, Pearl or Moti stone is for people whose bodies generate excessive heat and are very aggressive. To control the situation of over-aggression, this stone is suggested by experts. You can wear this Moti Stone in a Silver Ring. 

Gemstone Yellow Sapphire

Pukhraj Transparent Image | PNG Arts

Yellow gemstone sapphire strengthens the heart and also builds lung and kidney energy. This gemstone in astrology protects from accidental death. Gemstone sapphire provides happiness and courage and reduces anger. Especially for Yellow energy and can be worn to strengthen planet Jupiter. The Pukhraj Stone or Yellow Sapphire protects the wearer from evil and thus provides internal satisfaction and peace. It enhances spiritual feelings, devotion, and unfolds intuition. As Jupiter is said to be a planet of marriage, so people who have not happy married life can also prefer wearing Yellow Sapphire in their Right Hand – Index Finger. 


Gemstone Blue Sapphire

Sapphire PNG #40715 - PNG Images - PNGio

Since Saturn rules the nervous system in a human body, Blue gemstone Sapphire is related to Saturn and helps in handling the nerve-related tensions, neurological disorders, etc. Neelam Stone or Blue Sapphire builds up muscles and skeletal systems and also helps to heal arthritis. The stone is also beneficial to protect a person from theft, accident, terror, or sometimes problems caused due to natural calamities


Gemstone Emerald

Emerald PNG

Emerald (Panna) Stone is to be worn for Planet Mercury which is denoted by the green color. There are plenty of benefits of Emerald Gemstone such as it helps to improve mental abilities and gives a better expression of thoughts. Gemstone Emerald brings prosperity and improves writing skills, enhances the power of speech, and promotes intelligence. The greenstone also helps in making better decisions in life.

Gemstone Opal

Opal is a Gemstone for Venus (Shukra Planet). A Venus symbolizes the venusious desires of a human mind and body. Be it a desire for physical luxuries or bodily comforts. This stone is especially to be worn for marital bliss, love, relationships, sexual compatibility, fertility, and many more. Gemstone Opal helps to strengthen the bone marrow and reproductive tissues. It also provides relief through migraine, fever. 


Gemstone Red Coral

Buy Red Coral Gemstone Online: Get Natural And Certified Red Coral At Best Prices. | MyRatna


Red Coral is a stone for Mars (Aries & Scorpio). Red Coral Gemstone in Astrology imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear. It also helps individuals to be strong when they fall trap of their own nervousness. This Red Stone can boost the self-esteem of the wearer and leaves amazing health benefits. It also helps in improving your skin and to heal skin problems such as boils, acne, and more. 

Cats Eye Stone 1 - Catseye.org.in | Cats eye stone, Eye stone, Mens gold rings

Gemstone Cat’s Eye

This precious stone gets its name because of its similar qualities with the color and structure of a cat’s eye. This stone is too worn for “Ketu” to reduce the evil effects on individuals. Cat’s eye gemstone is good for curing allergies, cold, congestion, and allergic asthma. It helps to heal kidney and dysfunction. It works on psychological healing and helps to prevent negative influences on individuals. Cat’s eye stone is also considered as a stone for debts, by wearing this people can get relief from heavy debts



Astrology gemstones play a major role to strengthen an individual personality, internally as well as externally. Every planet has its own gemstone which has similar power to heal any negative implications of any planet in an individual’s birth horoscope. As it is always said every problem comes with its solution. So here, Gemstone in Astrology is a wonderful solution to your every problem in life, then be it physically or mentally, related to property or disturbances in relationships. Find your own Gemstone and heal you’re every wound with Astrological Gemstones.


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