What is Kundli

A Kundali is a document often used to perform astrological calculations. When making a Kundali, the date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and name are asked. A Kundali is formed by combining these four components.

our Kundli Readers

Bharat sharma

Bharat Sharma

Vedic,kp and Kb astrologer

Bharat Sharma is a great KP astrologer as well as KB astrologer. He has been practicing astrology science for 25 years. Till now two main books are written by him. They are -Horary Astrology and the Krishnamurti – Bhaskaran method – Cuspal Interlink

Mohit Sharma

Vedic Astrologer

Mohit Sharma is an excellent practitioner in the fields such as Nadi reading and the Vedic astrology. He has also done work with the International Astro web. Currently, he is imparting knowledge to the students in the field of predictive astrology
manoj pathak

Manoj Pathak

kp astrologer

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Astro Teacher as Profession, keep your planet in position”. Especially known for his teaching techniques to the world. By practicing KP Astrology, he has held a significant position in society
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Sarla Gautam

Vedic Astrologer

Dr. Sarla Gautam is a Ph.D. in Predictive Astrology.She holds command on solving life problems by going through the Birth Chart, Matchmaking of two people, analysis over relationship problems.
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Rekha Anand

Vedic and Nadi astrologer

Known as “AstroLady of Jaipur”, a powerful personality and a passionate Astrologer. Not just an Astrologer, but a skilled-consultant who has helped around more than 2000+ clients all over the globe
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Rosey Dang

Tarot and Vedic astrologer

Rosy Dang can be denoted as a reputed professional in the astrology field.she has been practicing Vedic Astrology. She has attained expertise also in fields such as the Reiki Healing and the Tarot Card Reading.
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Astro Pratiksha

Astrologer & psychic

Astro Pratiksha is the most desirable and renowned practical Astrology practitioner. She has amazing experience in this field and incorporates her valuable knowledge to interpret the planetary precepts of the people’s horoscope.
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Khushboo ashrani

Astrologer & psychic

Astro Khushboo ashrani is the advance Astrology practitioner. She has divine experience in astrology and vastu field, under the guidance of her father mr.prakash ji ashrani and his team members,her father has been working as astrologer and vastu consultant since 15 years.

Our Services

Astrological Consultation

Through astrology, we can understand ourselves in a better way. So we provide astrology consultations in order to understand the influences on the life of a person. Astrology is a combination of Kundali and the horoscope of an individual. So it becomes easy to predict even the minute details through a person’s astrological chart. Astrology helps to understand the blockages, tensions, and psychological challenges that an individual faces in his life. So, having a consultation can prove beneficial.

Psychic Readings

Psychic reading is a way of discerning information by using the heightened perceptive abilities and the basic senses of humans such as touch, sound, instinct, taste, sight, etc. It mainly involves paranormal-based consultation that is provided by an Expert. It can be done at home, over the phone, or at the psychic fairs. This technique involves predicting an individual’s specific information by examining broad statements and social clues. AstroPratiksha is best known for Psychic Readings.

Horoscope Forecasts

Everybody is eager to know the horoscope predictions. So we provide it by doing accurate calculations based on a person’s zodiac sign. Most people read horoscopes to know more about their attitudes and personalities. People are also curious to know the facts mentioned in their horoscopes so they can actually plan their actions carefully.

Medical Consultation

We can easily figure out the health and longevity of a person through Medical Astrology. A number of possible diseases are associated with every planet and every sign. All the planets also determine the organs of a person’s body and this is possible through Medical Astrology. We can easily diagnose diseases from houses, signs, and planets with this branch of astrology.

Career Consultation

In today’s era, every person is much concerned to know about the job prospects. So, we provide you the most accurate career predictions. We can guide you on whether to go for a job or set up any business. Whether you have a government job in your destiny or not. Is it good to work for a private firm or set something doing self-efforts? We can answer such questions correctly.

Relationship Consultancy

Marriage is one of the most crucial and important subjects in a person’s life. So, we provide services regarding marriage and marital issues to our dear clients. When you will get married, what type of partner you will get, whether you will have arranged or love marriage. Practical solutions to your problems are given here. We strive hard to satisfy our clients.

Partner Compatibility

Nowadays, many people get married only after knowing their compatibility with their partners. So, we provide this service to our clients by making a thorough analysis of their compatibility. People feel much curious to know whether they and their partner share the same interests or not. Know your compatibility before getting into a long term relationship. We strive hard to satisfy our clients.

Practical and Rational Remedies

We provide easy remedies to our clients in accordance with reason and logic. We follow practical measures in astrology. The methodology which we use is purely scientific and mathematical. We make calculations, study the chart in a precise manner. Any type of problems whether in career, married life or personal issues, love and romance, etc. are solved by us. We give easy remedies to our clients so that they can easily benefit from that.
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