Acharya Bharat Sharma

Bharat sharma

Acharya Bharat Sharma


Bharat Sharma is a great KP astrologer as well as KB astrologer. He has been practicing astrology science for 25 years. Till now two main books are written by him. They are -Horary Astrology and the Krishnamurti - Bhaskaran method - Cuspal Interlink. He is a popular astrologer who always suggests the right appropriate remedies to the people. His clients are completely satisfied with his work and believe him. he strongly believes in universal vibrations that guide every person in its own way. His astrological techniques are completely science-based theories that are only read to give gracious guidance to mankind. With a firm desire to dive more into the vast ocean of Astrology has inspired him to find out the untrodden paths in Astrology & cosmic sciences.

Area of Expertise: Marriage , Career , Education , Health , Children ,Money and investment

Languages Known : Hindi ,English

Appointment Timing : 01:00 to 04:00 pm

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